Friday, April 27, 2012


Jay! Holiday just started here in Holland, I was really looking forward to it! One week just chilling, no signs of homework. And the best of all: I'm actually going on vacation, but I'll keep the location a secret (:
Sunday morning my mother, sister and I are going on vacation. I hope we have access to the internet in our hotel, so I can post some pictures. If not, you won't see or hear of me untill next saturday...
Just to get into the 'Holiday-mood', I will post some pictures of last year's vacation to London and Scotland, which was in one word AMAZING! I had never been to the two places before, so it was really exciting!

First my mother, sister, her best friend and I went to London.
I don't really have pictures of me, because I'm just not photogenic. I'll try to make that different this time. The only pictures of London with me on it are these:
I actually like this one. Probably because I'm unrecognizable ;)

I've a really funny face in this picture... from left to right: me, my sister, my sister's friend. It was in a really cute café!

So as you can see not really photogenic.
And now pictures from Scotland. Unfortunately I'm on only one picture ;)

Haha, it was really rainy, but absolutely beautiful!

I went with my mom and dad to Scotland. One week hiking, it was really nice! This picture looks a little bit depressive 'cause the weather was bad. But definitely not the whole week!

These are my favorite pictures and I just can't choose which one is the best. What do you think?

We also went to some sort of Scottish festival, with dancing girls and people playing on bagpipes. This vacation left some really nice memories.
I also bought a really nice necklace in Scotland. One with a Celtic symbol. I love it because of the detail and the beautiful little blue stone in the middle.
I think the detail is just amazing. And it is handmade too! Just incredible.

I hope you enjoyed all my pictures ;) 


  1. Heyy, where in Scotland did you go? :) I'm from Glasgow.

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts x

    1. Most of the time we were in Dunoon. We've been to Iveraray too, just for one day. I just fell in love with the landscape and I'm sooo jealous you live in Glasgow! (: I really want to go there again one day!

  2. i love the detail in the necklace!! very cool!

  3. You are always so cute in pictures! (:
    I like the one of you in the red phone boot.

    Have a great time xx

  4. Great pictures!! Really cute blog!

  5. You took some amazing pictures of Scotland! A year or so ago I visited a friend who lives there, and we actually had fairly nice weather, which is sort of a miracle!

    Natalie xx

  6. Pretty Necklace!

    Sita xx

  7. Awww, such a pretty necklace xx


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