Sunday, June 10, 2012

Juicy Watermelon Nail Art

Hey beautiful blog readers! Here's a new nail art update: sweet, juicy and ready for the summer!

 Sephora by OPI: It's Totally Karma 
Gosh: #543 Pink Rose

I went shopping yesterday and bought some new stuff. I was actually going into town to buy a new white nail polish, 'cause my old one has become very thick. I came back home with a lot of stuff, everything except a new white nail polish. Also because I couldn't find one.
New q-tips with a flat side and a pointy side. Great for erasing mistakes.
essence anti-split nail sealer.
Some other stuff: catrice top coat, essence rosewood sticks and a white eyeliner.

I also launched a twitter page. Do not hesitate and take a look when you have some time (: (you'll make me really happy when you would follow me!)!/TheDaydreamer00
Are you having a nice weekend?