Wednesday, January 8, 2014


*Sweater - Urban Outfitters*
*Contrasting faux leather pants - Sheinside*

When I found this sweater at Urban Outfitters I immediately fell in love *<== wow, cliché much*. I know it sounds really cheesy and weird, but honestly I couldn't leave it there. I mean: dancing panda's! No matter what arguments you might have, they're invalid.

*I'm sorry about the blurriness of the photo and the background by the way. There is way too much going on there and it's quite distracting. Unfortunately I will be making pictures here for a little longer, because it is the best option I have at the moment.


  1. follow you back

  2. Very lovely sweater, i love your leather pants too. I followed you via GFC, i hope you'll do the same :)

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