Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is mother's day, yay! We don't really celebrate it at our place, but I like to make my mom happy with a gift or breakfast in bed or something like that. Last Tuesday and Wednesday I went to Ypres and Brussels, Belgium, with the history and economy class. We had a great time! In Brussels we were allowed to walk through the city for three and a half hours and quess what? We went shopping! In Brussels I bought a little gift for my mother for today: a little box with Belgium Chocolate. I know my mother is crazy about chocolate, so it wasn't really hard to find a gift for her ;) I already gave it to her and she was really happy with it (maybe because my father forgot it was mother's day and my sister was too lazy to buy a gift). Yeah, my family is really weird ;)
Happy mother's day to you all!