Sunday, June 3, 2012

Newspaper Nail Art

Hey lovely readers! I was in the mood for some nail art and a little time ago I saw this newspaper nails and I really liked to try it someday. I saw a lot of videos where people were using alcohol and because I didn't really know I had alcohol I could use, I searched for something easier. I actually found the same technique but with water instead of alcohol. With the water-technique you have to use a newspaper which ink is on waterbase. Some papers use ink on oilbase and with the water-technique the ink will not transfer from the paper to your nails. I really have know idea how you should know that the ink in your newspaper is on waterbase. I quess I was lucky.
What do you need:
- bowl/cup of water
-cotton ball
-base coat
-coloured nail polish (I recommend a light colour)
-top coat

Apply a base coat and a coloured nail polish. I used a white one. Wait until it's completely dry. Cut a little piece out of the newspaper. Place it on one of your nails. Make the cotton ball wet in the bowl/cup of water and press it very hard on the newspaper. Keep on pressing and after a while remove the newspaper gently. Apply a top coat so the ink will not wash off. Now you should have a newspaper nail (: It did work for me, but the ink isn't that dark as I wanted it to be. I guess it works better with alcohol, but water is a nice alternative.
I can't use my camera for a little while, so I got a picture from the internet ;)


  1. That are amazing I'll have to try these

  2. Wow, I love this so much. Really gonna try this! Maybe I can help you to find that thing tomorrow at school xx


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