Monday, May 28, 2012

Native Nail Art

Really sorry again for not writing to you sooner, it has been more than a week now... Most of the time I'm doing something else or I have no inspiration for a new post. Saturday I went to the beach with some friends and I stayed for the night. We had a great time! Too bad I'm burned... Anyways, today I wanted to write a new post, but I was really uninspired. I went to 'we heart it' and hoped for some inspiration. And yes, I found some! I know this is the second post in a row about nail art, but I just couldn't come up with something better than this. I just OPI Natural Base Coat, essence colour & dry 51 mellow yellow, essence colour & dry 46 wake up!, essence tip painter white and essence high shine top coat. I hope you like it, please comment, tell me what you think and maybe you have some new ideas for me?? They are very welcome!


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tuxedo Nail Art

Hey lovely readers! I'm really sorry I didn't write to you sooner. I had a quite busy week and no inspiration for a new post...
Anyway, I have a long weekend, so I don't really have an excuse not writing on my blog. I was a little bit stressed out about school so I was in the mood to polish my nails. I didn't made it up myself, but in an earlier post about my zipper nails, someone said they looked a little bit like the tuxedo nails. Because I had no other inspiration I thought I would made the tuxedo ones. I thought they were quite cute and I actually like the result! I used KOH colours black and essence 50's GIRLS Reloaded white. As basecoat I used OPI natural base coat and essence high shine top coat as top coat ;)

It's very easy to make and quite the same as the zipper nails which link you can find right here!
Please comment and tell me what you think!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is mother's day, yay! We don't really celebrate it at our place, but I like to make my mom happy with a gift or breakfast in bed or something like that. Last Tuesday and Wednesday I went to Ypres and Brussels, Belgium, with the history and economy class. We had a great time! In Brussels we were allowed to walk through the city for three and a half hours and quess what? We went shopping! In Brussels I bought a little gift for my mother for today: a little box with Belgium Chocolate. I know my mother is crazy about chocolate, so it wasn't really hard to find a gift for her ;) I already gave it to her and she was really happy with it (maybe because my father forgot it was mother's day and my sister was too lazy to buy a gift). Yeah, my family is really weird ;)
Happy mother's day to you all!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nail art: go white!

Hey! I did some nail art today! I only used essence 50's GIRLS Reloaded white and a base coat from OPI. Tell me what you think!


Holiday Diary, Part 4: Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Thursday, May 3rd
Dear Holiday Diary,
This was a quite 'boring' day. Not really boring, but also not really exciting. We went shopping again, like all day long ;)

Friday, May 4th
Dear Holiday Diary,
Today we went shopping AGAIN! My wallet was already almost empty. We walked downtown to Little Italy and China Town, but we didn't really bought that much there. But it was really nice to see. All those little pizzerias and cute shops. It was already late in the evening so we ate in a little restaurant. We went with the underground back to the hotel, because we were very tired of the long walk.

Saturday, May 5th
Dear Holiday Diary,
Today was the last day in New York. Our flight to London Heathrow was at 7 P.M. First we went to an Apple Store. It looked very nice! That's the entrance. The whole store was under the ground.
After that we went to the biggest toy store I've ever seen. That's the Statue of Liberty, made with lego.
Later we went to MoMA, Museum of Modern Art. With the yellow cab to the airport. In London we had an hour after our arrival from New York to catch our plane to Amsterdam. Our plane from New York delayed and we arrived more than a half hour later at London. We ran very fast and we still made it and went to Amsterdam. We were very tired because of the time zones and stuff. We actually didn't have a night and I can't sleep very well in airplanes. When we arrived at Amsterdam we found out that two of the three cases were still in London because of the delay. On sunday the cases finally arrived and we learned a very important thing: we will never ever go with a flight with transition again.
I know this post is a little bit boring, but this is how my Amazing Journey to New York went.
Hope you like it!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Holiday Diary, Part 3: Tuesday & Wednesday

Tuesday, May 1th
Dear Holiday Diary,
I woke up early again. We planned to go cycling, but this morning the weather was bad. A grey sky and rain. On our way to the bike shop we ate another bagel for breakfast. When we got there, the owner of the shop said the weather would become better in the afternoon. We got the opportunity to go cycling the next day. We decided to do that. Instead of cycling we went to Central Park where we ate some fresh fruit. After that we went to the Museum of Natural History. It was so big and we were afraid we got lost in there! We didn't stay there for a long time and we haven't seen everything. After that we went a little bit shopping again and walked past the Public Library. In the evening we got to Top of the Rock. That was so cool! It was already dark and there were so many lights.
After this we went back to the hotel. Our feet were really hurting 'cause we walked so much. Auch!
Wednesday, May 2nd
Dear Holiday Diary,
The first thing I checked in the morning was the weather. And guess what? It was raining again! The owner of the bike shop is a liar! Just kidding, he was very nice to us. First we were looking for breakfast and found a really good place! I can't remember the name of it, but the food was so good! Pancakes!
We weren't the only one who went cycling that day. There were also a lot Dutch people. We got our bikes and hoped for nice weather. We went to Central Park first to get used to our bikes. After that we went to the outer side of the city next to the river. It was really scary to cycle on the streets, so we didn't do that a lot. We went to the Brooklyn Bridge, that was really nice!
You can see the weather is not really nice. This was already in the afternoon, so it was a better idea to go cycling on tuesday. Now we went to the Statue of Liberty. Unfortunately we couldn't go inside because of renovation. 
We went to Ellis Island and after that back on our bikes and cycled all the way downtown until it became dark and went back to the bike shop and after that back to the hotel.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Holiday Diary, Part 2: Sweet Monday

Monday, April 30
Dear Holiday Diary,
I woke up at 6 A.M. It looks very early, but we were stil with our heads in another time zone, so to me it felt like noon. It was very hard to get used to the new time zone. Anyway, my mother was already awake and my sister was still sleeping. At 8 A.M we went outside, looking for breakfast, and went to Grand Central Station.

There was a cute little bakery and we bought there delicious bagels! There were beautiful cakes and muffins, but I never tasted them, unfortunately ):
After we finished our bagels, we went to the Empire State Building. Because we had city passes, we didn't need to go buy tickets and we could just go immediately upstairs. The view was just amazing!

After the audiotour we went downstairs again. In the Empire Store I bought a necklace with a little clock. I was looking for it in the Netherlands, but I couldn't find it, so I thought: why not? Now I have the necklace that I wanted for a long time now and a little souvenir, because the Empire State Building is on the front.

Haha, I just found out the time on the watch is still from New York. I think I'll leave it like that. And I really love the detail.
After the Empire we went to this big warehouse Macy's. It was so big and there were a lot of clothes! And the big surprise was that we got a Macy's card which gave us 25% discount on everything we would buy, only that day! I know why my wallet was almost empty after that day ;) I will post some pictures of the clothes I bought there next weekend, because I don't really have the time now. But the cases were just delivered, so I do have them now. I bought the clothes in outfits and some clothes I bought somewhere else, so that's why I'll post them next weekend.
This was my monday, hope you like it!

Holiday Diary, Part 1: Arrival

Sunday, April 29
Dear Holiday Diary,
We started the day at 3.30 A.M. Because we were flying out of Europe, we had to be three hours on the airport before departure. We were going to fly at 7 A.M. so we thought we would be early enough. It wasn't actually that hard to wake up in the middle of the night. I was so excited to go to New York and it was also the first time I was going out of Europe. Each of us had one case and one piece of carry-on baggage. From Amsterdam Schiphol we flew to London-Heathrow. We had to wait three hours at the airport in London for our next flight to JFK New York.

Our flight was pleasant. We got meals on the plain and they tasted quite good actually. I slept for a few hours and there was a little tv-screen in the chair in front of you on the flight from London to New York. You could watch a movie or listen to music so I didn't get bored.

When we got to New York we had to go through security. They took fingerprints and even an eye scan. At that moment I felt like a criminal. It was very different than in Europe. The security took like one and a half our. After that we took our baggage and went in a yellow cab to the city. I think the ride from the airport to our hotel took about 20-30 minutes. We were very tired. We arrived at 4 P.M at the hotel, but there's also a time difference of six hours, so it felt like 10 P.M. In our hotel we changed clothes and my mother and I got to Times Square. My sister was a little bit ill so she stayed in our hotelroom while we got some food.
That's me on Times Square with my epic sunglasses (:
The weather was really nice. Blue sky, no clouds and a bright sun. Just perfect! My mother and I went to the M&M store and to me it was like heaven. If  there is a heaven, it must be that place. Chocolate everywhere! There were big pipes filled with M&Ms and you could fill a bag with the colours you like. 
We didn't do that because it was just too expensive: $12.95 for 0.45 grams. In my opinion, that's a little bit over the top.
We found a really nice salad bar were we bought our food. We had plans to go to the Empire State Building that evening, but we were too tired. That evening we went to Times Square again, this time with my sister.
When we got back to the hotel we were exhausted. I was already sleeping at 9 P.M.
So this is the beginning of my Amazing Journey to NYC. Hope you like it!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Home Sweet Home

So, it's been a while, but now I'm finally home to tell you about my Amazing Journey to... New York! Yes, it's true. Five days walking through the streets of the most exciting city I've ever been to. And I liked it!
Because it's too much to write all in one post, I'm just going to write one for each day... I think, because there were some days that weren't that special as the other.
So this is actually going to be a holiday diary, full of pictures and descriptions of my trip to NY.
Another reason why I can't write it in one post, is that two of our cases 'got lost' on our way back to Amsterdam because the plain was 'too small', I will explain it a little bit more in a different post. I don't have all the stuff I bought in NY, and I want to take pictures of them. If everything goes well, we should have the cases by tomorrow or monday... so I have to wait for that.
I hope you'll like my holiday diary,

Times Square, just to get in the mood (: (all the pictures I'll post are taken by myself, except if I'm on it ofcourse)