Sunday, May 6, 2012

Holiday Diary, Part 2: Sweet Monday

Monday, April 30
Dear Holiday Diary,
I woke up at 6 A.M. It looks very early, but we were stil with our heads in another time zone, so to me it felt like noon. It was very hard to get used to the new time zone. Anyway, my mother was already awake and my sister was still sleeping. At 8 A.M we went outside, looking for breakfast, and went to Grand Central Station.

There was a cute little bakery and we bought there delicious bagels! There were beautiful cakes and muffins, but I never tasted them, unfortunately ):
After we finished our bagels, we went to the Empire State Building. Because we had city passes, we didn't need to go buy tickets and we could just go immediately upstairs. The view was just amazing!

After the audiotour we went downstairs again. In the Empire Store I bought a necklace with a little clock. I was looking for it in the Netherlands, but I couldn't find it, so I thought: why not? Now I have the necklace that I wanted for a long time now and a little souvenir, because the Empire State Building is on the front.

Haha, I just found out the time on the watch is still from New York. I think I'll leave it like that. And I really love the detail.
After the Empire we went to this big warehouse Macy's. It was so big and there were a lot of clothes! And the big surprise was that we got a Macy's card which gave us 25% discount on everything we would buy, only that day! I know why my wallet was almost empty after that day ;) I will post some pictures of the clothes I bought there next weekend, because I don't really have the time now. But the cases were just delivered, so I do have them now. I bought the clothes in outfits and some clothes I bought somewhere else, so that's why I'll post them next weekend.
This was my monday, hope you like it!


  1. Those cakes look to die for and I'm in love with your necklace! Great post!:)

  2. LOVE that necklace :) I really want to go! X

  3. Just found your blog and its so cute!!

    those cakes look amazing :)


  4. Always wanted to go there! :)
    Wanna follow each other?


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