Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Casual Day Unlike The Others

*Sweater - Sheinside*
*Pants - Levi's*
*Shoes - Converse*
*Bag - EastPak*

*Kind of out of focus tho*
This outfit kind of describes me really well. I usually go for comfortable, simple outfits. You could even call me lazy sometimes, although I try to be more creative. I just like the way you could do anything you want in an easy outfit like this one, whether you run, jump or cycle. Here comes a really cliché saying with a slight sarcastic but true meaning (wait, what?) to it, wait for it...: You never know what life might bring you. Pfew! With that said, I'm going to end this post.

Friday, December 6, 2013


Winter is approaching and I have been spotting a couple of trends I like for next season. In this post I show you my list I put together of my favorites.
**Just a quick disclaimer: I am not talking about high fashion/catwalk style kinda things. I feel like designer pieces like that are not made for me to wear during the day so I'm just focussing on street style.
*All pictures are from

Striped sweaters to be exact. And black and white stripes to be even more exact. Not really sure why I feel like this is something for winter, but stripes can be very versatile. And of course the weather is getting colder and colder, at least in the place where I'm living, and a nice sweater can be very easy and comfortable on those depressing, dark days.

love it | via Facebook

Although the chunky necklaces have been popular for quite some time now, I think it is the perfect accessory to make winter sweaters a little bit more special. One version I have been loving lately is the chunky golden chains. They appear somewhat more subtle than other chunky necklaces, but still give a nice edgy touch to an outfit.
Chunky Chain Aldo Love This

This one is quite obvious since you want to be warm during winter when you're outside, but I still wanted to incorporate it in this list. Coats I especially have been liking are parkas. I just like the appearance of a somewhat oversized coat.

Unfortunately I do not own any, but I really do love the look of a beanie. And they keep your head warm of course, so it might be an essential.


They're just so comfortable and cute. They can be a little bit too thick for wearing them in shoes, but I still really like them just to wear around the house with a cup of hot chocolate next to the fireplace.

Wear Fuzzy Socks

Do you have any other trends for this winter you like?