Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Back to School Resolutions

First day of school is coming up again so I decided to make a list for myself with resolutions to keep this year organised. I really should, since it's going to be the final year of secondary school/ high school (whatever you want to call it (; ) with all the exams and stuff. I'm being honest with you right now: I had a hard time last year to keep on going without desperately sitting in a corner crying over my life. Well, I wasn't that desperate, but still. And although everybody keeps telling me the fifth year (which was last year) is the hardest of all six years, I'm not reassured coming year will be any easier. The only thing I am sure of is the fact that coming year is definately one of the most important years of my entire life.

Keep my desk organised.
I'm glad I didn't count the times I couldn't find important papers, books, notebooks and other daily school stuff on my desk because it was such a mess. To prevent myself of getting incredibly frustrated I'm going to try keeping my desk clean and organised.

Go for a run
I found out about this last year and it really helped my out. I can get stressed very easily and going for a run can help reduce stress a lot. I hope my school schedule will have at least one or two days where I have the first two classes off so I can go for a run in the morning.

Make my homework
Ok, let me explain something a little bit. For some subjects I really do my homework, for example for subjects I'm having a hard time with. But for some subjects I wouldn't do it, just to have more time to do something else. At the end of last year I felt more confident during tests of subjects I alsways did my homework of than the ones I didn't. To avoid stressful situations I'm going to try doing more homework.

First comes school, then fun things
I believe this one speaks for itself. I've got to remember life can be so less stressful if I just didn't procrastinate that much.

I'm going to school again on the 26th of August. I really hope I can stick to them and close my secondary school/high school career without unnecesary stress and break downs. Then I can focus on the things I want to do with my life.
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  1. These are great resolutions! I totally agree that procrastination = stress...
    I hope you have a great last year! :)


  2. motivation for both of us with the running resolution ^^ i cant run yet bec my doc advised me not to for now ^^

  3. Love your blog!
    I follow you right now! hope you follow me back!kisses from russia!


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