Saturday, May 5, 2012

Home Sweet Home

So, it's been a while, but now I'm finally home to tell you about my Amazing Journey to... New York! Yes, it's true. Five days walking through the streets of the most exciting city I've ever been to. And I liked it!
Because it's too much to write all in one post, I'm just going to write one for each day... I think, because there were some days that weren't that special as the other.
So this is actually going to be a holiday diary, full of pictures and descriptions of my trip to NY.
Another reason why I can't write it in one post, is that two of our cases 'got lost' on our way back to Amsterdam because the plain was 'too small', I will explain it a little bit more in a different post. I don't have all the stuff I bought in NY, and I want to take pictures of them. If everything goes well, we should have the cases by tomorrow or monday... so I have to wait for that.
I hope you'll like my holiday diary,

Times Square, just to get in the mood (: (all the pictures I'll post are taken by myself, except if I'm on it ofcourse)

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