Monday, May 7, 2012

Holiday Diary, Part 3: Tuesday & Wednesday

Tuesday, May 1th
Dear Holiday Diary,
I woke up early again. We planned to go cycling, but this morning the weather was bad. A grey sky and rain. On our way to the bike shop we ate another bagel for breakfast. When we got there, the owner of the shop said the weather would become better in the afternoon. We got the opportunity to go cycling the next day. We decided to do that. Instead of cycling we went to Central Park where we ate some fresh fruit. After that we went to the Museum of Natural History. It was so big and we were afraid we got lost in there! We didn't stay there for a long time and we haven't seen everything. After that we went a little bit shopping again and walked past the Public Library. In the evening we got to Top of the Rock. That was so cool! It was already dark and there were so many lights.
After this we went back to the hotel. Our feet were really hurting 'cause we walked so much. Auch!
Wednesday, May 2nd
Dear Holiday Diary,
The first thing I checked in the morning was the weather. And guess what? It was raining again! The owner of the bike shop is a liar! Just kidding, he was very nice to us. First we were looking for breakfast and found a really good place! I can't remember the name of it, but the food was so good! Pancakes!
We weren't the only one who went cycling that day. There were also a lot Dutch people. We got our bikes and hoped for nice weather. We went to Central Park first to get used to our bikes. After that we went to the outer side of the city next to the river. It was really scary to cycle on the streets, so we didn't do that a lot. We went to the Brooklyn Bridge, that was really nice!
You can see the weather is not really nice. This was already in the afternoon, so it was a better idea to go cycling on tuesday. Now we went to the Statue of Liberty. Unfortunately we couldn't go inside because of renovation. 
We went to Ellis Island and after that back on our bikes and cycled all the way downtown until it became dark and went back to the bike shop and after that back to the hotel.


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