Saturday, May 12, 2012

Holiday Diary, Part 4: Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Thursday, May 3rd
Dear Holiday Diary,
This was a quite 'boring' day. Not really boring, but also not really exciting. We went shopping again, like all day long ;)

Friday, May 4th
Dear Holiday Diary,
Today we went shopping AGAIN! My wallet was already almost empty. We walked downtown to Little Italy and China Town, but we didn't really bought that much there. But it was really nice to see. All those little pizzerias and cute shops. It was already late in the evening so we ate in a little restaurant. We went with the underground back to the hotel, because we were very tired of the long walk.

Saturday, May 5th
Dear Holiday Diary,
Today was the last day in New York. Our flight to London Heathrow was at 7 P.M. First we went to an Apple Store. It looked very nice! That's the entrance. The whole store was under the ground.
After that we went to the biggest toy store I've ever seen. That's the Statue of Liberty, made with lego.
Later we went to MoMA, Museum of Modern Art. With the yellow cab to the airport. In London we had an hour after our arrival from New York to catch our plane to Amsterdam. Our plane from New York delayed and we arrived more than a half hour later at London. We ran very fast and we still made it and went to Amsterdam. We were very tired because of the time zones and stuff. We actually didn't have a night and I can't sleep very well in airplanes. When we arrived at Amsterdam we found out that two of the three cases were still in London because of the delay. On sunday the cases finally arrived and we learned a very important thing: we will never ever go with a flight with transition again.
I know this post is a little bit boring, but this is how my Amazing Journey to New York went.
Hope you like it!


  1. oh I'm such jealous! I'd love to visit New York :D
    but the netherlands are great as well ;)

  2. Oh god I hope someday I'll go to New York too xoxo Hope my dreams will come true very soon <3
    would you like to follow each other?


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