Sunday, February 10, 2013

Let It Snow! Challenge #10: Hot Chocolate

The weather is going crazy in the Netherlands. Then it snows, then it rains and it flushes the snow away, then it snows again... That's how it is going the past days. It's the weather where you stay inside because there's nothing fun to do in the crappy weather. And lets not talk about the fact that we have to cycle to school in this same crappy weather. The fun thing about these days is HOT CHOCOLATE! Sitting by the fireplace with a steamy cup of hot chocolate and whipped cream... yes please!

This manicure is inspired by the hot chocolate cups I got for Christmas. I think they're just too cute and it was the perfect way to cover up my uninspired mind.

Polishes used:
*OPI Pink Friday
*OPI Did You 'ear About Van Gogh?
*Sephora by OPI Happy Earth Day To  Me
*Sephora by OPI A-ha! Moment

A complete OPI-manicure I see now! Not really a surprise though, since OPI is my favorite polish brand available in the Netherlands. Here are the pictures! Tell me what you think about this manicure and how you like your hot chocolate the best (:

Only six to go untill the end of this superfun challenge!

Stay awesome!

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