Saturday, September 20, 2014

Watercolour | Nail Art

This manicure was inspired by the Monthly Nail Art Ideas Linkup (N.A.I.L) hosted by Brijits DigitsCraftynailEeeek Nail Polish! and Nail That Accent!
This week's inspiration was watercolour (as shown in the picture below), which I thought was a fun and great idea!

The things I used for this mani are:
~ OPI - Don't Pretzel My Buttons (GermanyCollection)
~ Actual watercolours (pink, purple and blue)
~ Clear acrylic

Although I have had nail acrylic in my possession for a little while now, this is actually the first time I'm using it in a manicure. I'm definitely not a pro, so it is still kind of sloppy and uneven in some places. I do like the 3D effect it gives off. It makes it really unique in a way. Overall I just had a lot of fun making this little piece of art, haha :]

Here are some other great watercolour manicures done by creative nail art enthusiasts! You can add your own link if you'd like.

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