Monday, July 9, 2012


Long time no spoken!
This school year is almost over, only a Sports Day tomorrow, a trip to Walibi Holland on wednesday, an activities day at school and a school party on thursday and an official ending of the year on friday. Last week I already handed in my study books, so the official summer break feeling is already in my head.
Today I started to do the massive Room Clean Up: sorting everything out, throwing away a lot of old papers from school I won't need anymore and getting rid of dust and other stuff that doesn't belong in my room. I'm making progress, but it's still a mess. :]
To do something else than cleaning up and sorting out I went to the city. I had to buy a present for a friend 'cause it's her birthday tomorrow. When I was walking down the mainstreet I saw the best thing I saw in a few days: Essie!
Now you'll think what's so special about that. Well, I will tell you. Essie has just arrived in Holland and wasn't really available yet. So I quite freaked out in a good way ;) Another thing why it's quite special: other big nail polish brands like OPI and China Glaze are almost not available in Holland. Actually, I have never seen China Glaze in stores in Holland before.
I went inside the drugstore straight to the little treasures. Already a disappointment came up. There were not a lot different colors. Then I saw the price and another disappointment came up: €9.99. I already saw some videos on youtube about essie nail polishes and those prices were around $8, which is about €6.50. I was quite disappointed, but I just had to buy one! So I did :] OPI is still more expensive.
So yeah, my first essie. It's called 'Turquoise & Caicos'. Here are some pics ;)

I must say I love the brush. It applies very easy. I also really love the color! I'm not really sure if I'm going to buy more, because of the price. Maybe when there's a lovely new collection with special colors.

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