Sunday, July 1, 2012

So busy...

First of all I think I have to apologize for my long time absence. So: I'm really, really sorry! Last week was the last week of this school year and we had to make a lot of tests! I promised myself not to go working on my blog or even touch my nail polish. I failed...
It's true I didn't wrote some new posts and stuff, because I really was too busy, but I actually did read new posts of the lovely people I'm following, so I guess I didn't miss that much.
I do have to make one test tomorrow, maths, so I can't stay with you very long, but that's really the last test of this year. I do have to tell you some things about the past few days, 'cause as I said: I actually did some nail art.
Here are some pictures of the last designs I made:

Yesterday I went to the city with my mum, just looking around and having some lunch at a tea room. It was delicious! I also went to this little shop where they sell threads and buttons and everything else you need to knit and make bracelets and so on. I bought three different colors of threads to make friendship bracelets and of course I couldn't leave them for a little while. I already finished one bracelet and I'm currently making another one :) I'm a beginner, so I'm going to make a lot of bracelets, because I really like them. I'm also going to buy some more, different colors to make even more.

In the left corner my finished candy striped friendship bracelet, on the right a chevron friendship bracelet I'm currently working on. On the top of the picture the three different colors of threads I bought. Salmon pink, light blue and white. I love these colors and I think they match perfectly!
Again really sorry for my long absence and I hope you're having a nice weekend!

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