Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Let It Snow! Challenge - #1 Snowflakes

Here's the first mani for the 'Let It Snow! Challenge', yay!
Please don't look at the length of my nails, they're really short, I know. I kind of ruined them in school :(
Anyway, here are the polishes I used:
~ Sephora A-ha! Moment
~ Catrice Captain Sparrow's Boat
~ Catrice Goldfinger

I quess I really heve to get some sort of stamp for snowflakes, 'cause I kind of blew it free-handed :) I do like the colors, I just get really excited for Christmas. It actually snowed yesterday, but unfortunately it didn't last very long, 'cause it was raining at the same time.


  1. cute, love the color combo :D
    wish we could all have long nails ;)

    1. So true ;) I'm still trying to grow them a little bit longer, but it goes so slow :(


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