Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Favorites

It is that time of the month again: let's look at the products I've been loving during the month of June.

As you might know, I've been to New York past May. Of course that's already amazing, but I gave myself a  little task to accomplish while we were staying there. Since there are a lot of beauty products and brands I cannot purchase in the place where I live, I thought it was a nice idea to look for a couple of products I really wanted to try. This lead to a couple of June favorites.

~Maybelline Baby Lips. The reason why I really wanted to try this product, is because I heard a lot of good things about them. And there's a reason for this! I bought two of them: color 15 Cherry Me and 25 Pink Punch. I can't choose which one I like better, they're both great. I'm really, really glad I was able to get to try these products.

~Revlon Lip Butter in color 090 Sweet Tard. Again a lip product, and again a product which has been on the market for quite a while. These kind of products make me feel a little bit sad: why can't I get this in the place where I live?! Love this product, nice assortment of colors and they give a really nice feeling to my lips. Although I've only tried one color, I can say this product is probably one of my favorite I came across lately.

~OPI Liquid Sand in Stay The Night. This is another product I bought during our stay. I'm not sure for how long this product is on the market already, but what I am sure about is I really adore the look these polishes give. It's really fun to try new things out now and then and these products give an amazing texture to the nails. The only negative thing I can think of this nail polish is the fact this polish dries up pretty fast while it's still in the bottle. Just like the OPI crackle polishes I feel like this product is not going to last for a very long time, which makes me a little sad. Here I am wearing two coats of Stay The Night, no topcoat.

~Catrice Gel Eyeliner in Black Jack with Jack Black. I actually bought this product at my local drugstore and at first I didn't really feel a lot for this product. After a while I decided to try it again and I liked it a lot more! I'm not really sure why, but I believe it's the fact that I needed to feel more comfortable with gel eyeliners. I had never tried a gel eyeliner before and it applies just a little different than my sort-of everyday liquid eyeliners. Anyways, I really like the smooth application and finish, since my drugstore liquid eyeliner could create clumps on my eyelid, which is not really the thing you would like to happen.

On to my fashion favorites of June!
~Nike Free Running Shoes. This is actually something I really wanted to buy for quite some time. I've been into running lately and my old running shoes were getting too small. These are not the latest ones, but I believe the ones before those. That actually saved me some money and honestly, I liked the appearance of these more, haha! Let's face it, I am and will always be a sucker for shiny, colorful and beautiful appearances.

~Bathingsuit. I came across this bathingsuit while I was shopping one day, and it really appealed to me! I love the color combinations and the print itself. It's included with a strap which you could remove if you'd like to, so really convenient as well. 

Moving along to my favorite accessories of the month June.
~Bracelets from Italy. A week after we got home from New York, I was travelling again and this time to Italy with my Latin class. We had an amazing time together and these bracelets remind me of the great things we did there.

~American Flag bag. Yep, another thing I bought during our trip to New York. This bag really appealed to me because of its vintage-like appearance. I like the fact that the stars are som ekind of silver studds, so they're like three-dimensional. I don't know, I just really liked it, haha!

~Collar chain. I bought this item from and I actually wasn't really expecting a lot from it. Well, I guess low expectations lead to great satisfaction! I really like how you are able to spice up a look with a minimum amount of effort, just by adding simple jewelry and accessories. This piece really gives a special touch to shirts with collars, in my opinion.

Lastly, I'm going to give you a list of the songs I've been listening to the most past month.
~Alt-J - Fitzpleasure
~Kensington - We Are The Young
~Bastille ~ Daniel in the Den
~Mackelmore ft. Ryan Lewis - Can't Hold Us
~Flume - Holdin On
~Naughty Boy - La La La (ft. Sam Smith)

Thanks for reading this, hope you liked it! Have you ever tried any of the products I mentioned above? Leave a comment down below!


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