Sunday, June 2, 2013

New York '13 in Pictures

Sunday April 27 was an exciting day. It looks like the past repeated itself, since we went to the same place (well, not exactly), at the same time around the year. New York! A place I could only dream of when I was a little girl. And now, 16 years old, I've been there two times already. Because of this fact, I consider myself very lucky. We went twice as long as last year, and still we haven't seen everything. Ten days to go absolutely crazy.

*Random Travel Story*
One wednesday May 2nd, my mom and I walked over Broadway to our appartement, when suddenly a man with dark hair and sunglasses walked past me (the sun wasn't hitting the streets since it was in the late afternoon). One moment my mom and I looked at each other only saying 'was that...' completely sinchronised, and yes, we were a 99,9% positive Robert Downey Jr. just walked past us! At that moment the fan-girl in me appeared and I couldn't stop talking about it for the next couple of days. I must have been very annoying, sorry mom!

*Ground Zero, most incredible and heart-touching place I've been

*Another Random Travel Story*
Sunday May 5th we participated in the Five Boro Bike Tour. For those who don't really know what that is, it's basically a 40 mile bike tour across all five boroughs: Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island. It was an incredible experience. We had a lot of fun, the weather was great and we supported Boston and the areas which suffered from Sandy. This was definately an experience I don't want to/will not forget.

*Cutest packaging I've seen in a long time.

*Best place to get frozen yoghurt.

This was everything I could show you. I hope you liked my little travel diary in pictures!
Untill next time.

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